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Now, due to the company's expansion of production scale, an advanced production line needs to be recruited: 8 skilled workers, 10 inspectors, and 3 gas stove operators.

Recruitment requirements:

1. Gas stove operator: Men's priority, age 20-50 years old, monthly salary 3800-5000 yuan after independent appointment.

Company treatment:

The probation period is three months. After the probation period, the company will handle the five insurances uniformly. The company will provide accommodation for free and only charge 1 yuan for one meal a day.

Registration method: 

Interested parties should go to the company office to register with their original ID card, graduation certificate and two one-inch color photos.

Phone: 0532-86280877 18661602019 Manager Wang

Email: 2716640003@qq.com

Company address: 100 meters south of Guanyintang Village, Licha Town Industrial Park, Jiaozhou City

This recruitment is valid for a long time.