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Fight against the epidemic


                               Fight against the epidemic


In the Spring Festival of 2020, a sudden outbreak of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia spread rapidly around Wuhan, and the festive and peaceful atmosphere was cast with a heavy haze.

After the outbreak, Yutai actively responded to the policies and documents designated by the New Coronary Virus Infection Prevention and Control Headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong Province, and made the epidemic prevention arrangements as soon as possible, and proposed the "three no" and "three must" requirements, and The idea is to buy a lot of protective gear for employees and distribute production front-line. The company also actively spreads knowledge of prevention and control to employees, requiring all employees to wear masks, enter the factory area and take a temperature monitoring at the security office, only those who pass the test can enter, and the vehicles entering the factory area must be uniformly disinfected by the company before entering. The company also arranges special personnel to disinfect and kill office buildings, production workshops and other working areas multiple times a day, and strives to provide employees with a healthy working environment and strive to minimize the risk of the epidemic.

On January 28, 2020, Zhu Chunlei, deputy mayor of Licha Town, came to our company to inspect and guide the work, accompanied by Xiao Linfu, chairman of the company's trade union, and the manager of the production department. I wish the mayor heard the company's epidemic prevention arrangements on the spot, highly affirmed the prevention and control measures made by our company, and further emphasized that the current epidemic situation, enterprises must make the prevention and control measures to the utmost, which is both responsible to the enterprise and the society, It is also responsible to employees.


Mayor Zhu Chunlei of Licha Town inspected our production workshop

Union Chairman Xiao Linfu reports on production

Company employees wear protective equipment (masks, hair nets, work clothes, gloves) in strict accordance with regulations during the work process


       Company employees disinfect and kill general office buildings, canteens and production workshops twice a day

An epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Facing the epidemic of new-type coronavirus pneumonia, the war without gunpowder, Yutai Company bravely assumed its social responsibility and sent various protective supplies, living supplies and cash donations to the front-line workers of the town and the community and village checkpoints to help Villagers on the front line of prevention and control jointly resisted the new coronavirus epidemic, defeated the battle against epidemic prevention and control, and jointly safeguarded the safety of the people of one side.

         Union Chairman Xiao Linfu, on behalf of Yutai Technology, donated 300 3M masks to frontline workers in the town

             On behalf of Yutai Technology, the chairman of the union, Xiao Linfu, sent condolences to the frontline guards of the former Guanyintang Village and donated 3,000 yuan in cash and protective supplies.

          The chairman of the labor union, xiao linfu, on behalf of yutai technology co., LTD., visited the first-line duty personnel in xiqingyanghang village of licha town and donated 3000 yuan worth of cash, food and other supplies

                  The chairman of the trade union, xiao linfu, on behalf of yutai technology co., LTD., visited linjia village in licha town and donated 3000 yuan


We will protect against the epidemic and coordinate the resumption of work. To strengthen epidemic prevention and control work, the implementation of the policy of "prevention first, safety first", maintain the normal production order, to ensure that the employees life safety and health, yu tai company according to the bifurcation in the town will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters documents "([2020] no. 6), and the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases of the People's Republic of emergency response to act and the emergent public health event emergency regulations of the State Council and other relevant laws and regulations, actively ready to resume work materials, the factory management to achieve" six must ", worker management practice the "eight" without exception, Archives management to achieve "a picture of four books".

The epidemic prevention and control work is at its most critical and critical stage. The situation is still grim and the task is still arduous. Yutai company always takes the epidemic prevention and control as the top priority, sets up the idea of fighting "tough battle" and "protracted war", earnestly carries the social responsibility, and strives to do all the work in a practical and detailed way. Under the leadership of licha town emergency headquarters, we will take the epidemic prevention and control as the top priority.

Fighting the epidemic, yutai company in action.