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Foreign customers visit the factory and sign the contract


On April 15, 2019, customers from Singapore came to the company for a visit and inspection. This visit to the factory has successively visited the production workshop, warehouse, and learned about the detailed process from production to shipment. Foreign companies have compared our company's quality control and output. Satisfied, after careful inspection, the foreign company seriously asked about the current domestic status of our technology and production products, and proposed a long-term cooperation with our company for the next step, and proposed a preliminary plan. Invite our staff to provide technical guidance and training. Foreign businessmen appreciate our company's goal of building a first-class brand and hope to further deepen cooperation as soon as possible after returning to China.

Qingdao Yutai aims to provide high-quality medicinal glass bottle packaging for different foreign businesses around the world, with customers in all countries on all continents. The business philosophy of seeking development with science and technology and survival with quality, combined with a strong production team, has won us praise from foreign customers, and Yutai will continue to build a world-class pharmaceutical packaging brand based on high quality standards.