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Occupational health checkup of frontline employees of Qingdao Yutai Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.


In order to protect and promote the physical health of front-line employees, stimulate work enthusiasm, enhance corporate cohesion, and build a harmonious internal environment, the company invited Jiaozhou Min'an Hospital to the company to conduct on-site occupational health check-ups on production front-line employees on November 17.

More than 200 workers participated in the physical examination. The physical examination items included the routine examinations of occupational disease, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, electrocardiogram, lung function, and chest radiography. According to the on-site inspection of the hospital, all employees are normal.

The company has adhered to the occupational health examination system for many years. This move reflects the people-oriented management philosophy of the company's leadership and has won the support and praise of the majority of employees. Employees have stated that the annual occupational health check-up is very necessary. Through the check-up, employees can understand their physical conditions in time, take targeted prevention, and meet the challenges with a healthy body and actively invest in a healthy body and mentality. In work, contribute to the development and growth of the company.